We build fully AI Cycling system that augment Access to Blockchain Technologies

We have developed a state-of-the-art platform where you can securely and reliably invest any items. The fastest and most flexible asset platform in existence. It will include easy cryptocurrency payments integration, and even a digital arbitration system.

Our desired aim is to integrate all companies, employees, and business assets into a unified blockchain system, which will make business truly efficient, transparent, and reliable.



One International Membership that combines global online and offline infrastructure. Buy any service with our matching point.

Transparency and Trust

Cycling system, the whole process is conducted by AI, and all progress is transparently disclosed. Cryptocurrency-based e-wallet protects your assets.

Blockchain Based Profiles

From the deposit and withdrawal of assets, the whole process is protected using cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency-based e-wallet protects assets from the risk of hacking.


Everything from payment to withdrawal is automated, and the global VISA card adds ease of use.


AI Invest Platform

A Open Platform for our Participators

Each participator can choose a trader and sign a contract.

Users don't have to worry and can leave everything to automation with the help of our sophisticated AI. Even beginners who do not understand computing can invest.

The system works 24/7 to multiply your assets. Anytime, anywhere, you can invest and manage using mobile.

We provide VISA cards that can be serviced through branch offices around the world and you can withdraw the currency of whichever country you reside in.

Sign a smart-contract to allow our trader’s access for live AI matching system.

Global exchange linkage

You can receive services in conjunction with various global exchanges around the world.

All processes of purchasing Ethereum for investment and selling for cash are linked with global exchanges.

Global VISA cards can be withdrawn in ATMs from countries around the world. You can also send money between members or purchase items at merchants.

We provide HTS programs that can be used conveniently, and are also preparing to link with stocks and other investment products.

All transaction history is based on Blockchain, so it is completely protected and real-time inquiry is possible

ERP system by AI

Our project is based on an AI.

Powered by AI lets you easily trade crypto-currencies & other services.

You can easily manage members and your company. PC/tablet/Mobile Service is available in any environment.

ERP interworking with VISA card is based on strong security technology to completely prevent hacking and external in

All processes are transparently disclosed, and real-time statistics are provided to show current membership and asset status at a glance.

AI-based ERP works with other exchanges and stems and always maintains the best security.

Profit sharing

AI system Recipients.

Global Start

03 Aug, 2020


03 Aug, 2020


10 Aug, 2020


30 Aug, 2020


15 Sep, 2020


25 Sep, 2020


01 Oct, 2020


08 Oct, 2020


20 Oct, 2020


25 Oct, 2020


World Cycle is developing a global data-driven platform for the world. Powered by blockchain and smart contracts.

Our Partners


Download the document and learn about World Cycle, the unique matching system approach and the marketing plan.

PresentationWorld Cycle
Presentation World Cycle
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Below we’ve provided a bit of FAQS and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.(Email : worldcycle119@gmail.com)

What is World Cycle?

World Cycle is headquartered in Vietnam. Currently, we are expanding our service to all over the world, starting with each Asian country.

If you want to invest in AI matching system, you can make the corresponding USD through Ethereum. In the system, all the processes are conducted in the form of USDT, and when withdrawing, Ethereum converted to the USD exchange rate at that time is paid.

The global VISA card provided to members in the World Cycle can be used at VISA card merchants around the world and can be withdrawn at ATMs. Personal information is thoroughly protected and is not exposed.

Investors can withdraw at any time, and the amount invested is refundable.

What is AI Matching System?

AI automatically performs matching and provides a computerized program for anyone to easily participate and search real-time dividends.

It is the ratio that increases when AI wins a specified match every time. For example, if $300 wins the match rate of 20%, the amount returned will be $360.

There are automatic/manual/reservation methods to participate in AI matching. Depending on each method, the member can set the participation in AI matching next time.

There is no limit to the participation code per member. However, the price per code is $300.

What is profit sharing?

Profit sharing is a concept of sharing a certain percentage of profit regularly according to the level of participating members.

It depends on the membership level and is shared when you become the agent/center manager/branch manager.

Total sales, referral revenues, and various additional revenues are continuously generated, and all processes are disclosed by computer.

All possibilities are open. Please contact the branch office for details.

What is a membership system?

The information of World Cycling members is thoroughly protected and you must be a member to receive all the benefits.

When you become a member of the World Cycle, you participate in the AI ​​matching program, and whenever matching occurs, your assets increase by the matching rate and participate in various profit sharing programs. You will continue to earn money.

World Cycle provides services to enemies of the world. There are no special conditions. We require an email address when signing up. You must prepare your own email to protect yourself from various accidents such as hacking damage.

Member withdrawal will be conducted online, and if you send your intention to withdraw your subscription to "worldcycle119@gmail.com" by email at the time of enrollment, we will send you an email notification of the withdrawal process.


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